Hot Dog Concession Trailers

A familiar sight at festivals and local fairs are hot dog trailers and thousands of people satisfying their hunger by buying food at these food trailers.

Unknown to them, is that the owners of these hot dog trailers are secretly making a fortune in a billion dollar industry from a very enjoyable and rewarding business.

A Hot dog concession trailer is very inexpensive to purchase and maintain which allows savvy entrepreneurs to deliver a great service to customers with good financial rewards. In no time, you could have hundreds of people queuing up at your hot dog trailer. The concession trailer business is a lucrative and growing business which has survived for decades.

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A hot dog of an idea!

Many people underestimate the power, or profitability of owning and operating hot dog trailers. But industry experts estimate, that 450 hot dogs are eaten every second in the USA, and there are hot dog trailer operators, who earn over $100,000 per year!

Of course, most hot dog trailers will not net their owners that much money annually, but there is a lot of money to be made selling this simple All-American food item.

Charles Feltman, a German butcher, opened the first Coney Island hot dog stand in 1871, and he sold almost 4,000 hot dogs during his first year. In 1893, Chris Ahe, owner of the St. Louis Browns, started selling hot dogs at baseball games. And in 1901, the phrase 'hot dog' was coined. So started the long history of this favorite American snack food.

Finding a good location is vital for the profitability of your hot dog trailer. Some owners hold full-time jobs and make good additional income by placing their trailer at special events held on weekends. Others have formed partnerships with local businesses and have permanent visibility with their hot dog trailers located near the entrances or exits.

Home Depot and Lowes, are two stores that are known for having hot dog stands right outside their doors. When a new Home Depot was built in Hawaii in 2005, a local woman noticed, that there was no hot dog stand outside, so she spoke to the store manager. The manager said, that he had been busy getting the store opened, and hadnít even thought about the signature hot dog stand. He let her place her hot dog trailer outside the store, and she was so successful with it, that she now has several hot dog trailers that park at beaches and at special events. Her hot dog trailers make her very good money now, she doesnít have to work everyday anymore, and all this happened, because she saw an opportunity, and wasnít afraid to pursue it.

Besides finding a good location, it is important to have high quality hot dogs, fresh buns kept in a warmer, and a wide assortment of toppings. For a few cents more per hot dog, it will surprise and delight customers, if you can offer them toppings like - onions, shredded cheese, chili, sauerkraut, mayonnaise, and jalapeno peppers, along with ketchup, mustard and relish. Be sure to be a 'one stop' hot dog stand, and have sodas, and small bags of chips on hand, so that you can sell an entire quick meal for one low price.