Shaved Ice / Snow Cone Supplies

Shaved Ice / Snow Cone Supplies can be purchased from many outlets, although for the best of these products, you need to venture into a specialty store, which knows all there is about Shaved Ice / Snow Cone Supplies, because the supplies, that you use in your products, can be the difference between success and failure.

Many people make the mistake of buying cheap and inferior supplies from local supermarkets. This obviously, will not create the best impression possible to your customers. For high quality and affordable Shaved Ice / Snow Cone Supplies, check out our selection below:

Requirements for a Shaved Ice or Snow Cone Business

If you've decided to sell shaved ices or snow cones as part of your concession business, you've made a good choice. This is one of the best concessions for making a very healthy profit on a modest investment.

Although the list of shaved ice/snow cone supplies you need is not long or complicated, it's important the you have everything you need before you start. Here is a rundown of the shaved ice/snow cone supplies you'll need, and information about each of these things:

- Shaved ice or snow cone machine – You've probably already got one or more of these ready to go. The shaved ice machine is usually more expensive than a snow cone machine, but you can sell shaved ices for more, so it works out. Shaved ice machines can go for anywhere from $1200 to $2500 depending on the size and capacity of the machine. You can purchase very small shaved ice machines for much less, but they will produce much less – it's important to know how much shaved ice you are planning to sell first. Snow cone machines can cost from around $500 dollars and up. Again, you have to decide how much you're planning to sell and choose a machine with the right size and capacity for your needs.

- Ready to use flavored syrups or flavor concentrates – Flavor syrups can be used directly on your shaved ice or snow cones. The concentrates have to be mixed with “simple syrup” before using. Concentrates are more economical, but you will need to have separate bottles to mix and keep the syrup in once it's ready to be used. You also need a preservative additive to add to your syrups if you're mixing them yourself. Concentrates cost around $20 per quart or $50 per gallon. Preservatives are around $10 per gallon. Ready to use flavored syrups are can be around $10 per quart or $20 per gallon. Remember that when you buy in larger quantities, the price is usually better.

- Bottles, bottle caps, mixing containers, pumps, measuring spoons and cups, ice scoops and snow cone scoops. These are all the small things that you will need to have handy for the making of snow cones or shaved ices. They mostly have to do with mixing and dispensing syrups, and are not pricey.

- Snow cone cups and shaved ice cups are quite inexpensive and can literally cost only pennies each when purchased in bulk, as are plastic spoons and paper napkins (don't forget the napkin dispenser).

You can buy your shaved ice/snow cone supplies online quite easily – even shaved ice and snow cone machines, both new and pre-owned, can be found online. There are also distributors that have physical stores where you can find most or all of the supplies you need. Whether you purchase your shaved ice/snow cone supplies online or from a store is your preference. Consider what is most convenient for you. Some people like to go and shop for their supplies and some prefer to have them delivered to their doorstep.