Shaved Ice / Snow Cone Machines

One of the greatest money making ideas of this century has come about because of Shaved Ice / Snow Cone Machines. This is one of the most lucrative industries available at the moment because of its convenient business nature. In warm climates, selling ice cream can be a great way to make money all year round.

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Boost Profits with Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machines

Without a doubt, one of the best and most lucrative ways to make money with concessions is through selling shaved ice or snow cones. These warm weather treats are inexpensive and easy to make, requiring only shaved ice/snow cone machines and a few supplies such as syrup for flavoring.

Do you remember the first time you had a snow cone? Was is a hot summer day, or were your visiting the zoo with your parents? These icy cold treats, made with any of up to sixty or seventy possible flavors including the most basic favorites, such as grape and cherry, and the exotic, including pina colada and mango, are treats that everyone loves to enjoy!

What is a shaved ice or snow cone exactly? They are simple desserts that are made from crushed or shaved ice, topped with brightly colored and sugary syrup. Usually the sweet syrup is fruit flavored, but not always. Snow cones are served in paper cones or cups and can be eaten directly out of the cone or with a spoon. Shaved ices are served in cups and are eaten with a spoon.

What is the difference between a shaved ice and a snow cone? Both are made in similar ways, with similar results. Depending on what your preference is between shaved ice/snow cone machines, the machine will either crush the ice into very small chips or pellets, or shave it from blocks or cubes into very fine snow-like shavings.

Shaved ice machines shave the ice from either cubes or large blocks and shave it so finely that it has a snow-like texture making it necessary to eat it with a spoon. Shaved ices are sometimes called Hawaiian ice or snow balls, and they tend to melt faster than snow cones. There are shaved ice machines that can shave nearly 500 pounds of ice every hour!

Snow cone machines grind ice up into tiny pellets, so the texture of a snow cone is courser and more easily eaten either directly from the cone or with a spoon. The snow cone melts more slowly that a shaved ice.

Which is better - a snow cone machine or a shaved ice machine? Between shaved ice/snow cone machines, it's really a matter of your preference. Snow cone machines make it easy to “display” the process of making a snow cone because often the crushed ice falls into a glass case so that customers can see the freshly crushed ice piled up and waiting to be flavored and eaten.

Shaved ice machines don't “display” the ice – it is dispensed directly into a cup as it's shaved. For both types of machine, the profit margin for each sale can be high – up to 90%. The shaved ice machine is more expensive to purchase – about double the price of a snow cone machine, but the price of a shaved ice treat can also be about double.

Having shaved ice/snow cone machines as part of your concession equipment is a good investment. Operation is easy and the equipment pays for itself quickly, then becoming a major money-maker. During the summer months or in climates that are hot all year around, shaved ice/snow cone machines are great for drawing crowds of customers.