Popcorn Supplies

Popcorn supplies can be obtained easily not only from professional stores but everyday people can buy the popcorn supplies from their local supermarket.

The disadvantage of buying Popcorn supplies from a local supermarket, is are they are often more expensive and lower quality, than what is needed, to satisfy customers making purchases from your concession trailer.

Get the best quality Popcorn supplies at affordable prices and make your customers become repeat buyers. Check out our range of high quality Popcorn supplies below:

List of Popcorn Supplies

Before you start popping popcorn for your new concession trailer business, remember that you need to have all your popcorn supplies ready and on hand. If you're wondering what kind of supplies you'll need, let's take a look.

First of all you need your popcorn machine. Assuming you've got that, you need to consider several other pieces of equipment and supplies to make your operation run smoothly:

- Popcorn and oil measure
- Popcorn
- Oil
- Popcorn scoop either plastic or metal
- Kettle cleaning kit
- Heated butter dispenser
- Coconut oil heater (if you're using coconut oil)
- Salt and sugar for flavoring
- Spices or Parmesan cheese in shaker bottles- for flavoring
- Paper popcorn buckets
- Paper napkins

Other supplies and equipment that you may find helpful are:

- Lighted popcorn sign to place in the window of your concession trailer
- Popcorn cart to set up outside of your actual concession trailer

Some of these supplies, in fact most of them, are necessary for you to have success with your popcorn concession business. The type of popcorn or oil you use may vary depending on the popcorn machine you have. You may elect to only use salt and butter for flavoring. Many of these decisions are completely up to you.

As for popcorn supplies that you must have, many things can be purchased in large quantities, bringing the price down. Those would include napkins, popcorn, oil, butter or butter flavoring, salt, sugar and spices.

Certain pieces of equipment will be purchased one or two pieces at a time, such as popcorn scoops. Plastic popcorn scoops are usually less than five dollars, while metal ones are between ten and twenty dollars. Kettle cleaning kits run around thirty dollars, and measures for oil and popcorn run between five and ten dollars, depending on size. A lighted popcorn sign, should you decide to buy one will run between one hundred and two hundred dollars.

Heated butter dispensers can run from around five hundred to one thousand dollars, but they are worth the investment. If you decide to purchase a separate popcorn cart that you can set up outside of your concession trailer, they can cost several hundred dollars depending on the style you purchase and the features included. Some popcorn carts come complete with basic supplies, so you won't have to purchase as many additional items. Most, if not all popcorn supplies can be purchased online or at wholesale outlets that specialize in providing supplies to the concession business.

A popcorn concession business is a great way to get into concessions or to add to your concession business. Popcorn is a favorite treat for people who are enjoying a day at the fair, or the park with family and friends. The fact that popcorn can be served in different ways salty, buttered, sweet, spicy, even with a sprinkle of cheese or completely plain makes it a delicious snack that can also be a healthy alternative to high fat and high calorie concession snacks.

Make sure you have all the popcorn supplies you need handy so that you can offer your customers nothing but the best fresh, tasty, crunchy popcorn!