Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton Candy Machines make one of the most popular products at any fair. When people attend a fair, they immediately recognize the Cotton Candy that they have eaten before, or, in the very least, have smelt before.

Cotton Candy is so popular, that it is not only popular in America, but it is popular throughout the whole world. They can be bought fairly cheaply.

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Why You Need a Cotton Candy Machine

Mmmm! Cotton candy! Think back to your childhood. Remember going to the county fair and getting cotton candy, all pink or blue or multi-colored and tasting like a piece of heaven? Who can forget that? Doesn't it make you want to go and get some right now?

If you can remember how great a treat cotton candy is, and how much children and adults alike enjoy it, you can see that cotton candy is one of those treats that makes a concession trailer complete no concession trailer has all it's equipment until it has one or more cotton candy machines!

What is cotton candy? Have you ever wondered? It's spun sugar! The cotton candy machine takes sugar and spins it into a very thin, lightweight floss of just about any color you could want, although pink cotton candy seems to be the favorite. Part of the fun of cotton candy is eating it, and part of the fun is watching it be spun from the machine.

One of the biggest benefits to having cotton candy machines on your concession trailer is that they are relatively inexpensive and they're easy to use. The return on your investment should be quite quick! And you can tell your customers that there is that same amount of sugar in cotton candy as in one soft drink. It's true the sugar is so finely spun that really, you're eating more air than sugar!

Cotton candy machines hearken back to a time of childhood delight for all of us. That's why you see not only children, but their parents enjoying cotton candy at fairs, carnivals, the circus, the zoo and so many other places where you find families enjoying a day out together.

How many cotton candy machines should you equip your concession trailer with? That all depends. Here are some questions to take into consideration:

- What else will I be selling from my concession trailer?
- How many people will be working from the concession trailer?
- How much space do I have for equipment and storage?
- How much cotton candy do I expect to sell?

After you spend some time doing research and answering the questions above, you will have a good idea of whether or not you should have one or more cotton candy makers. Don't underestimate the popularity of cotton candy it will sell well! Along with thinking about how many machines to equip your trailer with, don't forget that you will need supplies for cotton candy making such as flavored floss sugar, bags and cones.

If you want to have one sure bet for your concession trailer business, make it cotton candy. This perennial favorite never fails to attract crowds of people who want nothing more than to enjoy the sweet, foamy texture of cotton candy. It's all part of the joy of being a kid, or pretending to be a kid again.

Cotton candy machines are a great way to start out in the concession business and create a base that you can build on. Once you attract business with cotton candy, you will find that people will buy other treats and food or drinks from you, adding to your sales.